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ESGUK was formed with the express goal of addressing the needs of clients within the UK market for ESG guidance, audits, and solutions. ESG is becoming a major concern for companies in the UK, with a growing and diverse group of stakeholders needing advice and solutions to ensure they are delivering against their corporate and customer expectations.

ESGUK work across the UK, but with a focus on the North West region. Over and above standard ESG audits and advisory work we specialise in pre and post investment ESG Due Diligence, ESG compliance and improvement plans for investment ready companies. We work with investors to assess investment decisions at all stages.

We are developing a sustainable and repeatable model for our clients, giving advice on generic and sector specific regulation, as well as annual health-checks to ensure that as companies grow, they can adjust their processes and controls to meet their industry ESG requirements.   


Navigate Complexity in ESG Ecosystem with Ease

ESGUK Ltd has over 40 years of combined experience in audit and advisory.

Personal Service

ESG is complicated, so is your business. You can’t afford to spend hours focusing on legislation that may or not be relevant to you. We do the hard work for you, with a right sized ESG approach, that is tailor made for your business.

Investment Ready

Raising money is hard, with the ever-changing requirements. Having an ESG Audit done gives financiers and investors assurance that you are a safe pair of hands, with good Environment, Social and Governance controls in place.

Connecting Businesses,
Empowering Societies!

Leading organizations of every size and industry use our ESG Expertise platform to achieve their immediate goals and beyond.

What We Offer

Pragmatic and Proven
ESG Expertise for You

Be Bold, Be Brief, Be Gone………. We know your time is important, you need the right advice without the headache. Our structure is simple:

ESG Audit and Advisory services

ESGUK helps clients with formal audits against set ESG topics, we can do partial audits to cover set topics or wide ranging reviews.

Pre and Post Investment ESG Audits

We provide Pre & Post investment ESG audits providing financial institutions with the assurance that they are aware of the state of organisations.

Pre-Acquisition ESG Due Diligence

Our Pre-Acquisition ESG Due Diligence help companies with acquisition and sale decisions.

ESG Strategy & Policy Implementation

When it comes to ESG Strategy, the One Size Fits All approach doesn't work. Let's personalise.

ESG Monitoring & Implementation

We’ll offer you the right guidance to comply with changing ESG regulations and requirements.

Why Partner with ESGUK?

ESGUK bring deep insight, tailored advice and ongoing support. We are here for the journey. 

We understand market trends in this space and its growing importance in investment and procurement. We are seeing more and more public and private sector organisations take notice of how their supply chain partners are operating. More and more decisions are being guided by ESG factors, they want to know how you are running your business; not just what you deliver but how you deliver it. 

We get you ready for your next steps, be that market expansion, investment or sale. 

Systematic Processes

Our approach is process-driven and it helps with achieving y our goals by simplifying complex arrangements.

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