ESG Audit & Risk Advisory

Stay ahead of change and plan for what’s next with forward-looking ESG perspectives.

ESG Audit and Risk Advisory

Gain insights into your businesses’ approach towards Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues.  Our ESG services will help you achieve on your specific goals. Typical output from our services are:

Customised report aligned to the agreed areas of audit and advisory
Clear and transparent view of testing carried out and findings
Recommendations for improvement
Additional advisory meeting as per initial request / additional requests

How we conduct ESG Audit?

Gain insights into your businesses’ approach towards Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues.  Our ESG audit will help you retrospect supply-chain risks, risk management capabilities and transparency with shareholders.


We start with the end in mind ….. We want to know what you are trying to achieve…. We shape the work to you needs. We work with you to define what is best practice for you industry / business and what is important to you as a business. We agree scope upfront.. and make sure you know what you will get at the end.


We need to ask the tough questions, but wont leave you wondering why. Our audits are consultative not confrontational, we want to understand you before we advise on a way forward. We will be clear on what we are testing and why, how we use the information you give us, and how we work on regulators guidance, industry best practice and common sense application for your business and you circumstances.


We are here to support you when you need us, be that every week, every month, once a year or for a specific piece of work. We understand that your needs will change and we flexible to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Get in touch if you have any Questions

We are here to help, so even if you are just at the start of your journey, please do reach out you can write to us at

It starts with a call / email, we are here to understand your need and ensure we give you appropriate advice and guidance.

We are more than happy to point you to trend and resources in the ESG landscape, we regularly post on our Linkedin page or on twitter @ESGUK8

We are flexible and can customize an engagement to the scope you need. We can proved customised help to fit your need.

ESG is an important requirement and a growing area of scrutiny for investors and acquiring companies. Whilst an ESG report might not be essential right now it will become a key part of due diligence going forward.

ESG was formed and driven from the publicly traded company perspective and has found it’s way into main stream thinking and practice. Impact investing was driven from the perspective of the VC or investor to drive different investing behaviours from fund managers and banks. The impact of both on the firms is very similar, with the change in the target organisation to meet a higher standard of operation and benchmarks for industry. The principles are the same for both approaches and they are converging with wide spread adoption of improved practices in investment and operations.

Every investment decision is different, with lots of variables to consider. We start with the your investment thesis and work out your boundaries; we can then delivery bespoke audits base on the nature of the business seeking investment. We can offer a confidential report on our findings or work with the investee on an improvement plan.

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